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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who Inspires me? : Kim Kardashian

What inspires me with Kim is that she is a strong person. She doesnt let people walk all over her and also all over someone she cares about.
Of course another thing I love about her is her makeup.
Her makeup always has a touch of smokey-ness to it. And she also always has long flirty lashes.
Her passion for style also make me want to me like her. Kim is always one step foward into the fashion world. Her dress at the Grammys isnt something you see all the time but not too Lady Gaga. Kim's Clothes are always sophisticated.
She is very talented. She can be a designer and also go into model mode.
Kim isnt all about her self she cares. She participates and donates to charities all the time. Kim is definately someone I want to be like.

Who Inspires me? : Adele

She is not only inspiring by what kind of clothes she wears but what kind of person she is. Her makeup is always really simple; Nude or Smokey Brown shadow,winged out liner,and false outer corner lashes.
She also has a BEAUTIFUL voice."Hometown Glory" is a personal Favorite. She has done so much at the age of only 19.
What also inspires me is that she gives me that NEW YORK CITY feeling. Her songs also make me think about the City. She is an all around great person. I hope to see her live one day.

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